She and I

by Miles and Simone

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She and I actually has a real story to its inception. It came into this world while Simone and I stood behind the red velvet curtains that frame the stage of Basement Discs record store in Melbourne. While we were waiting in the storeroom to go onstage, I spotted a small classical guitar wedged between boxes of records. Shifting things around, I pulled it clear of the boxes to see it was signed by all the many musicians that have come to play their songs upon the tiny, yet somewhat hallowed Basement Disc stage. I tuned it up and, as very occasionally seems to happen, a song just fell out of it as if it was stuck in there. I started singing “She and I would run like rolling rivers” and knew it was a keeper. Usually I wake up to find moments like these were just tricks, the song turning out to be rubbish and going in the bin, but, after the gig, back at home, this one came together easy as a batch of scones and felt immediately like a shift in energy from previous songs I’d been writing for Miles & Simone; it felt bigger, as if it wasn’t content to be left alone on an acoustic guitar. We had some time booked in the studio with Dan Luscombe at the helm and this was the first song we recorded; live with Pete Luscombe driving the train rhythm on a very old snare drum and a beautiful pair of worn nylon drum brushes and Jules Pascoe bringing up the bottom end like only he can on the upright bass. Before we knew it, Simone and I had laid down our vocal parts and Dan was in the studio making everyone go a bit silent with amazing slide guitar on a new amp he’d just got the day before from Found Sound. Songs rarely come out in the studio sounding better than I could have hoped, but this one did. I guess it's unsurprising with musicians like that playing on it. Simone and I are really happy with it and we hope other people are too. It was fun to make and to find hidden in an old nylon stringed guitar covered in songwriters signatures, hidden behind boxes and boxes of good records in a basement down the stairs.


He and I would run like rolling rivers, all over each other, get lost in one another until the daylight came.
She and I would burn like roman candles, and with stars the sky fill, hanging over the high hills until the daylight came.
Then she would run away, our happiness erased, cursed to waste the days away, till the darkness came again.
Then he and I would bloom like midnight flowers, we'd while away the hours, get lost in lovers towers.
She and I would fall like floating feathers, how could I ever forget those, flights above moonlit meadows until the daylight came
Then she would run away, our happiness erased, cursed to waste the days away, till the darkness came again.
Pull closed the curtains my love, don't let the day light find us
But she would run away, our happiness erased, cursed to waste the days away, till the darkness came again, and our hearts would burst in flames, when the darkness came again.


released June 2, 2017
Recorded and mixed at Second World Studio, Fairfield.
Written by Miles O'Neil
Produced by Dan Luscombe
Engineer Nick Treweek
Musicians: Miles O’Neil: acoustic guitar and vocals, Simone Page Jones: Vocals, Dan Luscombe: Lead Guitar: organ, Jules Pascoe: Upright Bass, Peter Luscombe Drums and Giddy-up tambourine.
Mastered at Crystal Mastering.



all rights reserved


Miles and Simone Melbourne, Australia

Simone Page Jones and Miles O’Neil are dear friends and have been for quite some time. In the summer months of last year they found themselves on many an afternoon drinking gin and singing lonesome duets in the backyard. As the months got colder they left the backyard and began recording the songs in Miles’ spare room studio. ... more

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